Man at Arms

neu 234

His style is unique: Techno Metal! A fusion between tweekin.. Acid, bangin.. Techno and groovy Electro-Grooves. Since over 18 years on the road to kick ass on the dancefloors.


He is one of the hottest german techno-djs of the “young and wild ones”. In 1998 he founded the legenday Acid Wars Events-Series, which is now happening in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. His own Recordlabel Acid Tracks (since 2001) realeased over 40 Releases from Acid Junkies, Rob Acid or his Partner in Crime: Sorgenkint. The last years where like a rush for DJ Man at Arms: Gigs on the Mainstages at Mayday, Nature One, Q-Base or Hemelrave plus 4 US-Tours and and gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands. Are you ready for a special night with the Acid Killer???

GIGS SO FAR (just the best): Mayday 06/07, Nature One (Century Circus) 06/07, Summerspirit Festival 11, Q-Base 07, Hemelrave 07, Rave on Snow 02/05, Love Parade 06/07/08/09, Winterworld 07, Sunflower Festival 07, Fusion Club (Münster), Tor 3 (Düsseldorf), Phuture Club (Ruhrgebiet), Butan Club (Wuppertal), U60311 (Frankfurt), Rheingold (Düsseldorf), Opium Club (Essen), Warehouse (Cologne), Triebwerk (Dresden), Distillery (Leipzig), Douala Club (Ravensburg), Acid Wars Bunker @ Nature One 2004-2011, Ruhr in Love 2003-2011, Vision Rave (Bremen), Ambulance (Cologne), Chism Club (Duisburg), Electric Delicate (Munich), Tribehouse (Neuss), Delicious Dublin (Döbeln), Camouflage Club (Cologne), BASE (Sinzig), Colosseo (Papenburg), Evil Beats Club (Paderborn), Soap Club (Hannover), Overload Club (Solingen)… Stammheim (Kassel – R.I.P.), Tresor Club (Berlin), Phonodrome (Hamburg – R.I.P.), Porn Club (Essen – R.I.P.), Poison Club (Düsseldorf – R.I.P.), Effenaar (Eindhoven NL), USA-Tour 07/08 (Minneapolis / Chicago USA), DEMF Festival 2006 (Detroit USA), Tunnel (Vienna), Highlander (Hungary), Acid Reign (Phoenix USA), USA Tour 2004 (Chicago-Detroit-Milwaukee), OXA (Zürich Schweiz), Metropool (Hengelo NL), Drop Acid Not Bombs (Belgium), Club Silo (Belgium) , Poland, …